about us...

We are pet LOVERS and we want nothing but the best for our pets and yours! We also have years of experience creating “stuff”. What better way to combine the two and create a level of human-quality “pet stuff” that’s never been seen before in the pet world.  The same level of quality, fun and function that you would expect from your “stuff”, but for them!  Our first product was inspired by multiple road trips with our labs. There was our first “child” Cole, then we rescued Oliver after our 2 girls were born, and now we have Ruby, our beautiful Red Fox Lab rescue.  We took them everywhere with us, whether it be to the beach in our beautiful town of Santa Barbara, California, or to the family cabin

at Lake Arrowhead. We would throw the dog’s food, leash, treats and bowls in a grocery bag that would inevitably either fall apart or be attacked by our notoriously hungry four legged family member.  There had to be a better way! They deserved better! And after talking to other pet lovers, they agreed! So along came “The Original Doggy Bag", built “lab tough” with zippered closures to keep out curious noses, bowls that are just the right size, and enough pockets and extra space to tote whatever they need to travel in comfort.


We strongly believe pets make us better people and we hope our products inspire you to proudly take your pet with you everywhere you go.  After all, they are one of the family!


We’d love to hear from you!  Whether you have a question about our products or if you have a suggestion for an improvement or future product, we’d love to chat!  Feel free to reach out via email or social media. Thank you for your support and we look forward to getting to know you as we celebrate our love for pets together!


Susie, Ruby and our lucky family